Where are the classes given?2019-09-03T12:55:04+02:00

Right now, the only Belgian LudoSport academy is in Brussels. Classes are given at Espace Catastrophe in Saint-Gilles.

Is there an academy in Liège, Charleroi, Namur or in Flanders?2019-03-29T18:42:05+01:00

Unfortunately, there is currently no project for these regions. However, we hope to see our sport reach other cities soon! If you are motivated and want to open your own LudoSport structure in your region, contact LudoSport International.

You can also show your interest for the opening of a new LudoSport structure in your city by filling out this form.

I want to start a LudoSport activity, how do I do that?2018-12-11T17:25:33+01:00

If you want to start a LudoSport activity somewhere in Belgium, contact us at bruxelles@ludosport.net, or contact LudoSport International directly at franchise@ludosport.net.

When can I sign up for your classes?2019-03-29T18:43:57+01:00

Registrations are currently open!

How do your classes work?2019-09-03T12:53:11+02:00

Our students get weekly 2-hour classes, four times a month, all year long, also in July and August.

What is the minimum or maximum age to follow your classes?2018-12-11T17:38:20+01:00

The minimum age to follow our classes is 12 years old. There is no maximum!

Where do you buy your light sabers?2018-12-11T17:38:26+01:00

We buy our light sabers and the rest of our equipment (uniforms and protection gloves) from our partner, LamaDiLuce.

Can I do a trial class before signing up to your classes?2018-12-11T17:38:31+01:00

Yes, you can! We hold 2-hour trial classes (duration of a normal class) twice a year, and special sessions in summer. To stay informed about the organised sessions, visit our news page. To sign up, visit our “Sign up for a trial class” page.

Do I need to buy equipment to follow your classes?2018-12-11T17:38:44+01:00

No, you don’t! You get your uniform and protective gloves when you register to our classes, and we provide the light sabers for class.

Are there LudoSport competitions?2018-12-11T17:39:39+01:00

Yes. In addition to friendly tournaments organised within the academies of the network, there are official national and international tournaments.



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